Keep yourself and your loved ones fit and feeling good—with tips, recipes, planning guides and more! Families of all shapes and sizes can share meals and activities that are healthy and enjoyable—and provide each other with support and motivation to stay on track. Healthy living expert Amy Hendel guides families through daily planning, preparation, and proportion of food, with a personal understanding of what’s it like for a busy working mother who has battled obesity. The benefits don’t stop at a healthier, better-feeling family. As you practice Amy’s easy program, you’ll find your family gathering around the dining-room table more often and seeking out activities to enjoy together. Health will become the platform for a stronger and more closely knit family. You’ll learn to Plan Together, Prepare Together, Portion Together—and Play Together! You’ll also discover the handy “Yes, No, Maybe So” food choice plan, to enable consistently wise eating decisions. In addition to invaluable sidebars and tips, The 4 Habits of Healthy Families is filled with easy and delicious recipes, sample grocery store lists, and a plethora of other suggestions to minimize time and maximize output in the kitchen.

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