Two thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese. That staggering statistic drives an insatiable appetite for solutions -preferably ones that are quick and easy. Although the HCG diet has been around for years, it’s only in the past year that it has gained the attention of millions of dieters. Promising to lose a pound a day without hunger or exercise it sounds like a dream. Yet that’s just what dieters across American have experienced. A diet with amazing weight loss results and no hunger, fatigue or weakness. Dr Richard Lipman, a board certified internist and endocrinologist updated the HCG diet from the 1954 protocol of its originator, Dr. A. T. Simeons in his e-book, The New Pounds and Inches. This book is based on modern research and what has worked for Dr Lipman’s HCG patients during the past two years. Dr Lipman’s NEW Pounds and Inches protocol is based on a 700-800 calorie a day diet, limited carbs and fat, protein for all three meals, numerous snacks, unlimited vegetables and many fruits. It’s the 1950’s diet updated with today’s great products! More than 100 exciting recipes based on many of these new products are present in this guide book. Recognizing that more and more food is eaten out of the home, Dr Lipman has reviewed most of the common restaurants Americans eat at. From McDonalds to Panera Bread to Bonefish Grill there are hundreds of HCG friendly meals in a restaurant near you. You just need to know what to look for and what to avoid. Dining out and preparing new recipes as offered in the Guide to Restaurants and Recipes on the HCG Diet, makes the HCG diet fun, prevents boredom and guarantees your success.

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