Pat Meseti describes himself as a gnome on steroids. If you have heard him speak you would think he is much more than this. I was gifted tickets to an event that Pat recently spoke at and I was hooked.

The following weekend Pat held a seminar on the Gold Coast and I changed my schedule to be able to attend. Falling ill meant I did not reach the end of the three-day seminar, but as I lay in bed, I read the Millionaire Mindset and it changed my thoughts.

The main thing to hit me was when Pat explained that you should not take financial advise from people who are poor. Wow! Who doesn’t listen to family and friends about money? Are those friends wealthy? No, of course not, but we still listen to them. It is seriously worth thinking about. We must emulate those who have been successful before us.

The other message that hit home was to keep learning. As a massive fan of Anthony Robbins (also known as Tony Robbins), I understand this and it is great to hear the same amazing information from someone else. It brings home the fact that you are already on the right track.

You can learn from those who have walked before you or those from another path. I work in real estate, however I feel I can learn a lot from those who work in other professions. I have recently spent time with trainers, speakers as well as a marriage guide, and I learned something new from everyone. It is amazing what you can take away if you are truly willing.

Looking to some of the world’s entrepreneurs will guide the way for those who choose this path, but Pat’s words are not just for those in business for themselves. If you choose to work for others, for whatever reason, you can take these teachings to your workplace with you. If you want to be the best at whatever you do, look to those who were great before you. Simple stuff right?

The last thing that I will share, without ruining the whole book is that we all have a different view on success and wealth. I might think that to earn $200,000 a year is success. You might feel that working just enough to be comfortable, but able to get to soccer practice with the kids is success. Whatever you choose is really up to you. Remember to enjoy the ride and celebrate your success, however that looks to you.