Kandi Burruss’ daughter, Riley, has been spending a lot of time working out with personal trainer, Kory Phillips.

Kory is well-known in Atlanta, and he’s been whipping everyone into shape, including Toya Wright and her daughter, Reginae Carter. But, we have to admit, Riley’s transformation is one of the best.

The Bravo TV celebrity, who will celebrate her 16th birthday in August 2018, shared her weight loss on her Instagram account. Before she began training, the five-foot-nine reality star weighed 220 pounds. And in eight months, she dropped down to 168 pounds.

She was able to lose 52 pounds by spending 5 days a week in the gym. She also paid closer attention to her calorie intake. Riley is now encouraging others to join her on her weight loss journey, and she wants to help other young people get fit and stay in shape.

Kandi congratulated Riley on her transformation, but the real housewife admitted that her daughter’s weight loss journey was very difficult. Kandi said it’s hard growing up in the public eye. And social media trolls would always make negative comments about her daughter. Riley tried not to let the comments bother her, and instead, she was motivated to lose weight, not for the haters, but for herself.

Kandi also said, “Stay tuned to what my young boss has coming next.” We wouldn’t be surprised if Kandi and Riley are planning to launch a fitness business for young kids.