Do you want to lose weight and develop a healthy body? Are you on the lookout for a fasting routine that can help to reduce excess weight and develop a slimmer, leaner body?If yes, you have come to the right place! We have all been told that a nutritious diet involves consuming a heavy breakfast followed by a moderately light lunch and a light dinner. You will hear from your elders that it is a diet that has kept them healthy for years and made their bodies strong. Yes, the intermittent fast is one that helps you lose weight and develop a slim and healthy body that not only fights fat but also keeps it from coming back on. It is a unique fasting plan that follows a set schedule to make it easier for your body to become adjusted. This book will serve as your guide to intermittent fasting and tell you everything you need to know to get started with it. Here’s what we’ll cover inside: -You’ll learn the basics of the diet-The health benefits -simple recipes, -what to eat and avoid on the diet, staying put and –a 14-day meal plan, which is tailor-made just for you- what food to eat and -tips and tricks on how to stick with the diet-and much, much more!

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