How many times have you tried to lose weight? Probably a billion times, right? I wish losing weight was as easy as it sounds. What if I tell you, it is? Let’s make the mantra “eat right, stay light” true but also, let’s do more than that so your clothes won’t be too tight ever again. Girl’s Guide: How to Lose Weight Fast & Forever is your all-in-one guide to transforming your weight loss journey from daunting to achievable, even pleasant. What does this weight-loss book cover? -Magical weight loss myths to ditch unhealthy diet behavior -Secrets to mindful and intuitive eating -Realistic approaches to lose weight fast and easy -Delicious, natural food weight-loss ideas to beat hunger -Useful tips & tricks to develop healthy food and exercise habits -Easy-to-make meal prep ideas to ditch fad diets forever -Proven principles to improve health and avoid eating disorders -The ultimate secret to a healthy body and calm mind with suggestions from a holistic health expert Why do you need a weight-loss book? -You want to improve your overall health and well-being -You lack nutritional awareness -You feel hungry due to restricted eating -You want to lose fat without being underweight -You want to avoid overeating and undereating -You want to stay youthful and fit -You want to look your best every day -You want a healthy mind, body, and heart -You want to burn excess calories throughout the day -You want to ditch chemical pills and painful weight-loss methods The healthy weight-loss book How to Lose Weight Fast and Forever teaches you how to use the science of weight loss and common sense every day with ease. Get the guide today, follow the recommendations, and watch excess fat disappear.

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