♤??? ?????? ?????????♤

◊ what this gives you ↴

♥ ???????? ?????? ????

burn every single bit of fat on your body
fat is always and forever nonexistent on my bodyevery single atom of fat from your body is burnt
extreme fat burner
burn all fat right in this very moment
permanent results

♥ ???????

✤ notes

use with caution, once you’ve lost enough weight stop. this is very powerful, i listened to this and now i feel weak. ^-^ this song makes me feel like a ho

♛ who am i ♛ ↴

♤ hola bitches i am amber
♢ im 12 fight me
♤ i make subs obvs
♢ i live in london come stalk me
♤ jungkook is my hoe

⟹ how to use this shit

listen 6 times around, how much you feel is good for you.
drink loads of water
you can multi task but dont do stuff that needs attention and focus like drivingor working with machines lol
use boosters for fast results