Overweight? Unwell? Sick of conflicting and confusing advice? Why not join blogger Belinda Butler who lost 94kg and defeated diabetes by turning the food pyramid on its head! No cartwheels, mental gymnastics or gimmicks needed! All you have to do is start Eating Upside Down! How can someone eating and doing everything ‘right’ have everything go so wrong? At 164kg, Belinda had diabetes and major health issues because she followed the food rules. Government guidelines and traditional weight loss mantras only made things worse. Since the kilos kept climbing after every diet she finally threw her hands in the air and kicked the rule books in the bin. That being the extent of her exercise regime, she then turned conventional thinking about nutrition on its head and lost 94kg. And it’s stayed off. ‘Eating Upside Down’ explains in layman’s terms how she did it and why it worked. Eating Upside Down shows you: -How the official nutritional guidelines are making you fat and what you need to do

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