“Eating before bed is bad for you.”

We’ve all heard that one. This standard advice can make you feel guilty about late night snacking, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

But is it actually true?

If you usually choose high-calorie junk foods that are loaded with sugar, then yes. That type of food will always cause weight gain in the long run.

However, some late-night snacks can actually be good for you.

Studies have shown that small, nutrient-dense bedtime snacks can benefit metabolic health and help build muscle, especially if you exercised during the day.

There are also several foods that have been proven to help us sleep better when we eat them before bed. This is very important, since poor sleep is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity.

What matters in a late-night snack is what you are eating. Certain bedtime snacks can even help you lose weight.