This is my personal experience and I am not telling you how many calories your unique body needs. Only YOU are able to know how many calories your body needs. I do not recommend calorie counting for those who find it triggering. However, it is helpful if you are worried about eating ENOUGH calories or if you are curious and are not triggered by numbers. I never ever ever thought that I would one day be able to eat this many calories and lose/maintain a healthy weight, as I used to literally eat HALF the amount I do today. I made this video because I would have LOVED to see this video in my own recovery. I hope this video is helpful for you guys! I’d be happy to share my full cronometer account with you guys, if any of you know how to do that, let me know! Hope you have a beautiful day!


Intro/Outro: PBD by Grey (Buy his album, he’s a vegan rapper!)