AT LAST A WEIGHT LOSS PLAN FOR HUNGRY PEOPLE. If you are tired of the same old weight loss programs and suspect, rightly so, that one-note diets are not healthy, then this is the plan for you. Written in a lighthearted, personal style with an eye to the absurd, this book is packed with nutritional information delivered with wry humor, and includes the wackiest exercise (?) regimen you’ll ever see. EAT ALL DAY – DRINK ALL DAY makes losing weight fun and easy. One-minute meals; fill-your-freezer quickies; dozens of mouth-watering goodies; all with a healthy balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates to keep your body happy and satisfied. There are even sections devoted to throwing a party and having guests for dinner while maintaining your weight-losing ways. Daily meal plans and maintenance tips round out a plan you can readily live with for a slender lifetime. If you want tofu and celery sticks, then this plan is not for you. Prepare to feast on rich chocolate shakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, beef and chicken and fish dishes (including shrimp on the bar-b), as well as potato salad and meat loaf. It’s all in the ingredients and how they’re prepared. Learn about an evil hormone in your body that makes you want to eat what you shouldn’t and the simple way to overcome it. Calories have been counted for you. There are no mysterious ingredients to buy and no strange foods that you wouldn’t eat if you were starving. Learn how to handle those well-meaning folks who tell you that you don’t need to lose weight. Learn about insulin resistance and how to easily balance your sugar and insulin to turn your body into a fat-burning machine that regulates itself as it was meant to do. This is weight loss simplified. Portable meals that you can take with you ensure that you will never be tempted to grab a meal(?)at a fast food drive-thru. You will quickly see how much these I’m-too-tired-to-cook decisions can cost you – not only in money, but in weight gain. The old weight-loss myths are debunked and newer, healthier ideas take their place. You eat all the time, you’re never hungry and, most importantly, you learn to treat your body as a friend – not the enemy. That annoying sound you hear is the slender, gorgeous person inside you screaming to get out All the magic pills, potions and crazy exercise equipment that we had to have (and seldom, if ever, used) can’t take the place of eating the way we should – and enjoying it. Long after all the weird chemical and mechanical stuff is discarded, we still have to face the mirror and the scale. We can do it with the confidence that comes with looking and feeling great. Whether you want to lose weight to improve your health or you just want to look hot – this plan will do the trick. The author writes with been-there-done-that insight about the traps we set for ourselves (and those set by others) that keep us from attaining and maintaining the slim, healthy body we so desperately desire and deserve. YOU are in command YOU call the shots YOU can do this

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