Tony (Anthony) Robbins is America’s leader in the science of peak performance; his work changing many lives, including my own. He can give you the basics on the most effective techniques to master any part of your life. It is made so simple that anyone can do it, if they choose to.

I believe this to be the best of his development books so far. He has created more since and before, but reading this over and over has changed my way of thinking. When it comes down to it, he is making us understand that we can live our life with amazing passion and that we can control how we act, feel, think and what we do.

Tony Robbins has learned from the best and takes all of these teachings and makes them user-friendly to share with us all. His experience far outweighs what I could achieve in a lifetime, his presentation makes it simple for all to use. These are my words not his as I feel we know some of this stuff, but choose not to really know it.

What is the key? What is his super power? You must implement the lessons or you are just reading another story. Most of the actions he puts forward are honestly very easily achieved but it does take consistent effort. You must have clarity and the pain of leaving things as they are must be more than leaving it how you are currently.

Tony does have other broken down programs that are specific with regards to weight, work, money etc. This is more of an overview giving you the tools for all, but it is a large book to consume. I devour anything by Tony, so I have the hunger to learn more, for a first timer to his work, it may be too much. I feel it really depends on where you are in your life. We can all do something better and this is the book to help you with that. Pick one of his techniques and follow through and you’ll end up using others too.

Here are some of my take aways:

Small decisions you make daily change your destiny

By changing beliefs, values and rules you can change your behaviours

Never leave the scene of goal setting without taking action on something

The better the questions, the more precise the answers

We do have time, if we allow our belief system to state that we do.

My list goes on as I took so much from his work. The best thing about his work, is that once I see that I can do it, it makes me want to do more. It makes me a believer again. I have been given his books as gifts and given them to others and they never get old. You can steal my heart with his work.

Reading this again has inspired me to get to one of his events when his is back in Australia. As the great man says, ‘Live With Passion!’