Have you ever wondered why Asian women are among the most fit and thin women in the world? Many women have tried to understand the hidden secrets those Asian women keep but failed. The reason why it is so difficult to unveil the secret is that Asian women have a huge variety of traditions to keep them fit. Observing and interpreting everything in your own culture context individually will only lead you to inaccurate and ineffective answers. For example, you might be misguided by the surface that Asian women do eat as much as they feel like and very often even more than men, and they also spend much time watching television and much more time in front of a computer than women from western countries. Similar stereotype as above has produced hatred and jealous thoughts among many western women, who, even when living in Asian countries, cannot discover these secrets by themselves. Even though the Author has been focusing on the health and cultural principles of Asian Cultures, he ended up finding, all the hidden secrets to the widely envied as well as most desired Perfect Female body. Five years of research in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia, as well as famous autonomous regions such as Hong Kong and Macau, and conversations with dozens of women regarding the habits that contribute to their body-shape, no matter how much they eat or how old they are, lead to the discoveries of all the principles that reveal clearly what anyone can expect – the ideal body for women. It is interesting to notice the fact that these principles have no age limits. Asian women far beyond their 40’s can still maintain an amazing body any young woman is dying for. This book is therefore a revelation of the best well-kept secrets among Asian women explaining how they achieve their obvious physical advantage easily, as well as a healthier lifestyle.