You are holding one of the powerful tools necessary for you to experience a relatively DISEASE-FREE LIFE! Pertinent information and resources you are required to know and implement relative to the enlightened, preventative care for the human body is shared and discussed in simple terms. This is a thorough, easy-to-read health care instructional directory & cookbook. You are enlightened with the basic knowledge of how to stock your kitchen, grocery shop intelligently, purchase food in season, and select seasonings that create a scrumptious meal, all to totally support the balance and maintenance of a HEALTHY body. Instructions from how to feed a precious baby to resolving discomfort in a suffering body, is in your hands. This is a 21st century cookbook. It looks great, the directives are medically sound, the recipes are tantalizing, and the meals will assist the body to look good and keep you feeling divine at all times. A cookbook for the modern world adventurer, a wise physician would recommend to all of their patients. This cookbook and health instruction directory is clearly written for the Soul, Mind and Body, offering the tongue a wonderful adventure in the culinary realm of natural food cooking and culinary science.

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