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FAQ’s –

Where are you from? Newcastle, North East of England
What camera do you use? My iphone 8 plus, front camera.
When did you start YouTube? I started 2016 however only uploaded 3 videos I really started my channel in January 2017
How old are you? 21, SHOCK! I know I look 15. Lol. My birthday is 30th June.
What do you edit with? iMovie app on my phone.
How often do you post videos? New video on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!
What’s wrong with your mouth? NOTHING. I make weird faces, get over it.
Will you vlog more often? Yes, I vlog holidays and any special occasions. I used to vlog my weekends however I don’t know if people found them boring or not. If you do want me to vlog more make sure you let me know!
How long have you been with Sean? 6 years on 14th November 2018.
Favourite shops? Poundland & Primark.
Favourite colour? Red and yellow.
Do you drive? Yes, I passed my test around 3 years ago, however it did take me 5 attempts to pass haha!

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