Love Your Body!There are many secrets to lifelong weight management and health, but here’s the biggest one: If you’re healthy and your body is well, it will naturally return to proper, most shapely and beautiful form. Your body will find its shape again if you give it what it really needs, even if you also give it some of the not-so-good stuff every now and then.And perhaps just as important is that your mindset really does matter. In truth, self-compassion is probably the number one thing missing from our “diet plans.”If you continue to beat yourself up, both physically with crazy diets and exercise routines and mentally with self-limiting beliefs and judgments, it will only cause stress in all areas of your life, negatively affecting how much extra weight you carry in a direct and visceral way.With this book, our intention is clear: to provide you with a fresh set of ideas, inspiration and perspective on all of the most effective little changes that will yield an immeasurable impact on your health, and ultimately your weight loss.We’ll tell you how to balance your body, balance your health, detoxify, purify, move your body in the most efficient ways, support your metabolism with the right nutrition, and to understand your emotions, beliefs and thoughts on a deeper level and how they affect weight loss.Each of these tips, tricks and minor improvements will add up to a healthier, lighter and happier version of you. That is our goal and intention with this book. There’s plenty of information to take in but feel free to start by implementing the ones that most inspire you to take action.You definitely won’t be able to integrate all of the tips overnight, but anyone can work in one or two changes each day.And given a little consistency and the right mindset, you’ll start seeing results even quicker than you imagined – changing your own outlook on weight loss, and maybe even becoming your own “weight loss guru” in the process (hopefully you won’t charge as much as the other guys, especially since your tips will actually work!).Take action and read this book now!